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- Federal University of Parana'
XI International Bakhtin Conference
Curitiba (Brazil), 21-25 July, 2003.
CFP: 15 dec. 2002


Federal University of Parana'
XI International Bakhtin Conference
Curitiba (Brazil), 21-25 July, 2003.
CFP: 15 dec. 2002

Scope of the Conference
The International Bakhtin Conference has met every two
years since 1983. Its main objective is to provide a forum
for the presentation and discussion of advanced research
works dealing with the ideas of the Bakhtin Circle.

Place and dates
The XI International Bakhtin Conference will be held in
Curitiba (Brazil), at the Federal University of Parana',
from July 21 to 25, 2003.
Curitiba is one of the largest cities in Brazil with a
population of around two million people. It is the capital
of the State of Parana' (in the south of the country).
It can be easily reached by plane from Sao Paulo
(a 50-minute flight) and from Rio de Janeiro (a 90-minute
flight). It is important to bear in mind that the Conference
will be held in the middle of winter. The season is usually
mild in this part of Brazil (average temperatures around
10° Centigrade during the day), but since Curitiba is at
an altitude of 3,000 feet temperatures may fall to about
4° Centigrade during the night and in early morning.
Frosts are not unusual at this time of the year.

Papers on all areas of the Bakhtin Circle's interests are
welcome, but papers on the following topics are
particularly encouraged:

a) Latin American Cultures: borders and thresholds
b) Readings of "Toward a Philosophy of the Act"
c) Philosophical, cultural and historical background of the
ideas of the Bakhtin Circle
d) Dialogism in the Human and Social Sciences
e) Literary and Language Studies.

The XI Conference will accept papers in any of the following
languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and Russian.

The XI Conference will include 4 Plenary Sessions (one in
each of the languages of the Conference) and Sessions for
the oral presentation of individual papers. These
presentations will be 30 minutes in length plus
10 minutes for discussion.
Proposals for round-tables with 3 participants will also
be considered. The round-tables will be 2 hours in length
(30 minutes for each paper plus 10 minutes for discussion).

Deadline for abstracts
People interested in presenting a paper at the XI Conference
should submit an abstract of around 500 words before
December 15, 2002.

Proposals for round-tables should include a short
description of its aims and an abstract of the paper to
be read by each of the participants, in the same format
as described above.
The language of the abstract will be expected to be the
language of presentation.
Electronic submissions of abstracts are strongly encouraged.
The may be emailed either to
or to

They may also be posted to:
Carlos A. Faraco
Av. Nossa Senhora da Luz 250
Ap. 1602
82510-020 Curitiba Brazil

and should include:
- the title of the paper
- the author's name and affiliation
- mail and email address.

The papers for the programme will be selected by the
Academic Committee of the XI Conference. If the paper
is accepted, a notification will be posted to the
author by February 15, 2003.
The selected abstracts will appear at the XI Conference
website as soon as their authors complete their registration.

Additional Information
Precise details of registration both of those presenting
a paper and of those interested in attending the
XI Conference; and information about accommodation and
tourist options, will be available by March 2003 at
the XI Conference website at:

Contact Carlos A. Faraco with any questions regarding
the XI Conference at either of the following emails:


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