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- "Figuring Addictions/Rethinking Consumption",
International, Interdisciplinary Conference
4-5 April 2002, Institute for Cultural Research
Lancaster University, UK - CFP: 15 Dec. 2001


- "Figuring Addictions/Rethinking Consumption",
International, Interdisciplinary Conference
4-5 April 2002, Institute for Cultural Research
Lancaster University, UK - CFP: 15 Dec. 2001

Confirmed plenary speakers;
Mica Nava, Professor of Cultural Studies, University of
East London, UK
Robin Room, Professor of Social Research on Alcohol
and Drugs, Stockholm University, SW
Mark Seltzer, Professor of English, Cornell University, USA

The Institute for Cultural Research at Lancaster University
announces an international, interdisciplinary conference
which will consider the relationships between consumption
and (broadly defined) notions of addiction, compulsion and
habit. We encourage participants to critically consider the
ways in which race, class, sexuality and gender figure in
the following themes:

- histories of consumption and compulsion
consuming compulsions (eg monomania, inebriety, opium-eating,
hysteria, kleptomania); medicine and patent medicine; disease
models of addiction;
advertising and visual culture; trade and colonialism;
temperance movements and sobriety; sites of consumption (eg
departments stores, museums, public houses, "shooting
galleries"); alcohol and alcoholism.

- drug cultures and consumer cultures
commodity fetishism; possession and exchange; credit and
debt; property rights and patents; branding; medicines and
"drugs"; marketing; "shopaholism"; habits and patterns;
cultures and sub-cultures; collections and exhibitions;
food and consumption (eg bulimia and anorexia);
anti-consumerist movements; the "drug war"; geo-economic
networks; smuggling; markets and "black markets";

- addiction and representation
literature and metaphor; technologies of writing;
advertisements; film and documentary; autobiography and
biography; time and narrative; photography; visualising
practices; art and artists; languages of science.

- pleasure and desire
prohibition and pleasure; habit, freedom and regulation;
bodies and fears; technology and bodies; identities and
identification; desire and compulsion.

- compulsion and freedom
social policy and regulation; welfare and rights; health
campaigns; harm and risk assessment; self-help and recovery

Please submit abstracts in electronic form by 15 December
2001 to June Rye .
Abstracts should be no more than 350 words long.
In addition, please include your name, institutional
affiliation, contact address, email, research interests,
and relevant publications.
We will accept individual papers and also submissions
of panels of 3 themed papers.

For information about the Institute for Cultural Research,
please visit our website:


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