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- "City and Identity"
The Italian City in the Industrial Era
London, 24-25 November 2000

Conference web page:

Final Programme
- Day One: Friday 24.11.2000. Italian Institute, 39, Belgrave
Square, London
11-11.30 Registration

Introduction and welcome:
Mario Fortunato, Director, Italian Cultural Institute
Professor Russel King, Chair of the Association for the
Study of Modern Italy, Department of Geography, University
of Sussex
Robert Lumley, Project Director, City and Identity Research
Project, Reader in Italian Studies, Department of Italian, UCL
John Foot, British Academy Institutional Research Fellow,
City and Identity Project, Centre for Italian Studies, UCL

11.30-1.00: Session 1: Plenary:
Sergio Pace, Dipartimento di Progettazione architettonica,
Politecnico di Torino
*New research on the Italian City*
1.00-2.15 Lunch

2.30-4.30: Session IIa: Main Room: *Grey Zones: the Cinema
and the City*
chair: Lesley Caldwell, Dept. of Social Sciences, University
of Greenwich
Enrica Capussotti, Department of History, EUI, Florence
*Milan: Youth, Cinema and Modernity in the 1950s*
Myrto Konstantarakos, Faculty of Languages, University of
*Urban Peripheries in Film: Where are Pasolini's heirs?*
Laura Rascaroli, Department of Italian, National University
of Ireland, Cork
*A present and a true city. Naples modern and postmodern in
Mario Martone's cinema*

Session IIb: *Immigration and the city*
chair: Sandra Wallman, Dept. of Anhropology, UCL
Laura Maritano, Department of Social Anthropology, University
of Sussex
*Immigration, space and the negotiation of identities in Turin*
Elio Ajmone, Dept. of Sociology, University of Glasgow
*Talk to the Casbah*
Davide Pero, Department of European Studies, University of Bath
*Immigration and the changing nature of left-wingpolitics.
Political discourses and the practices of identity in Bologna
in the 1960s and 1990s*
Elisabetta Zontini, Dept. of European Studies, University of
*Female Domestic labour migrants in the Italiancity: the story
of a Filipino woman in Bologna*
4.30- Tea/Coffee
5.00 ASMI: Annual General Meeting

- Day Two: Saturday 25.11.2000. Architectural Association,
34-36, Bedford Square, London
9.30-10.00: registration
10.00-11.30 Plenary session: *The City: new methodologies,
new realities*
chair: John Foot, Centre for Italian Studies, UCL
Stefano Boeri, Faculty of Architecture, University of Genoa
*New urban territories in Italy*
Pippo Ciorra, School of Architecture of Ascoli Piceno,
University of Camerino
*Adriati-city: a post-industrial landscape*
11.30-11.45 Tea/coffee

11.45-1.15: Session IVa: *The southern city*
chair: Christopher Duggan, Department of Italian, University
of Reading
Raffaele Rauty, Department of sociology, University of Salerno
*Critical considerations about Italian southern cities*
Felia Allum, Polis Institute, University of Leeds
*Camorra and territory in the City of Naples*
Abele Longo, School of Humanities & Cultural Studies, Department
of Middlesex university
*Palermo in Cipri' and Maresco's films. When the rural dominates
the urban*

Session IVb: *Rebuilding the city: the architecture of
chair: Michael Edwards, Bartlett School of Architecture and
Planning, UCL
Patrizia Bonifazio, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, La
*Architects and engineers in a changing city: Turin, 1940/1960*
Paolo Scrivano, Politecnico di Milano - Bovisa
*The architecture of Turin after WW II: building a bourgeois
identity in a working-class town*
Paolo Soddu, Department of History, University of Turin
*Reconstruction and Turin's Town Plan 1946 to 1956*

Session IVc: *Redesigning the City*
chair. Adrian Forty, Bartlett School of Architecture and
Planning, UCL
Nicholas Dines, Department of Italian, UCL
*Reimaging the City Centre of Naples and Contested Claims to
Public Space. The Case of Piazza Plebiscito*
Haldora Arnadottir, Bartlett School of Architecture and
Planning, UCL
*Italianita', a Milanese phenomenon*
Mary Louise Lobsinger, Faculty of Architecture, University of
*The Ideology of "La Nuova Dimensione" and the Competition for
the Business Centre of Torino*

- Day Two:Saturday 25.11.2000. Architectural Association, Bedford Square

1.15-2.30 Lunch
2.30-4.15 Session Va: *Cities, Identities and the Making
of Italy*
chair: Lucy Riall, Department of History, Birkbeck Colllege,
University of London
Luca Pes, Dipartimento di Studi Storici, Universita' di
*City Identity and National Identity after Italian Unification*
Taina Syrjsmaa, Department of History, University of Turku,
*Public Space in Transition. Representation of State Authorithy
in the New Capital City: Rome in the 1870's*
Joachim Homann, Graduiertenkolleg Politische Ikonographie,
University of Hamburg
*Constitution of Public Space and Signs of Identity in
Napoleonic Milan

Session Vb: *Authors and Cities: Milan, Florence, Turin*
chair: Ann Caesar, Department of Italian Studies, University
of Warwick
- Silvia Ross, *Industrial Florence in Vasco Pratolini's La
costanza della ragione*, Department of Italian, University
College Cork
Simona Storchi, Department of Italian, UCL
*Conquering The City: The Representation of Milan in Massimo
Bontempelli's La Vita Operosa*
Claudia Nocentini, Dept. of Italian, University of Edimburgh
*Calvino in Turin: the industrial city as a desk*

Session Vc: *Politics, class and the city*
chair: Paul Corner, Dipartimento di scienze storiche,
giuridiche, politiche e sociali, University of Siena
Denis Bocquet, Ecole Francaise de Rome and Filippo De Pieri,
Dipartimento di Progettazione Architettonica,
Politecnico di Torino, *Public works and municipal government
in two Italian capital cities: the growth of technical
bureaucracies in Turin and Rome, 1848/1889*
Carl Levy, Department of Social Policy and Politics, Goldsmiths
College, University of London
*The Centre and the Suburbs: Social Protest and Modernisation
in Milan and Turin 1890s to 1920s*
Jonathan Morris, Dept. of History, UCL
*The Lower Middle Classes and questions of identity in Milan and
Lombardy 1880s-1930s*
4.15-4.30 Tea/coffee

4.30-6.30: Session VIa: *Hidden City of Fiction*
chair: David Forgacs, Department of Italian, UCL
Sandra Ponzanesi, University of Amsterdam
*Imaginary cities. Space and identity in migration literature
in Italy*
Mary Wood, Dept. of Media Studies, Birkbeck College, University
of London
*Revealing the hidden city: the cinematic conspiracythriller*
Giuliana Pieri, Department of Italian, Royal Holloway and Bedford
College, University of London
*City and identity in the detective fiction of Giorgio Scerbanenco*

Session VIb: *Dangerous Places, Dangerous Cities*
chair: Robert Gordon, Department of Italian, University of
Brian Moloney, Department of Italian, University of Hull and
Gillian Ania, Dept. of Modern Languages, University of Salford
*Images of the City in the Italian mistery novels*
David Horn, Division of Comparative Studies, Ohio State University
*From the Dangerous Body to the Dangerous City: The Ethnography
of Urban Life at the End of the Nineteenth Century*
John Dickie, Department of Italian, UCL
*"City of the dead": Messina in the aftermath of the earthquake
of 1908*
6.30-8.00 drinks

A joint *Association for the Study of Modern Italy* and
*City and Identity Research Project* (Centre for Italian
Studies, UCL) conference to be held with the financial
support of the Arts and Humanities Research Board.

Further information is available on the conference web site:
Please note: the conference is to be held at two different
venues, Friday at the Italian Cultural Institute, Saturday
at the Architectural Association.

Please register in advance as numbers are limited and it may
not be possible to register on the day.
A registration form can be found on the web site.
Time will be available in all sessions for questions and
A selection of abstracts will be available on the web site
in early November.

For further information please contact the conference
organisers Robert Lumley -
or John Foot -


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