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- CfP: The Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies
   first issue (fall 2012)


The Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies (JICMS)

The JICMS is a new English-language forum for theoretical,
methodological and critical debate on Italian film and media
production, reception and consumption. It provides a platform
for dialogue between academics, filmmakers, cinema and media
professionals. This peer-reviewed journal invites submissions
of scholarly articles relating to the artistic features,
cultural themes, international influence and history of
Italian film and media as art forms and industries.

Within the realm of a post-national and trans-cultural debate,
the purpose of the JICMS is to refer to Italy as the unifying
geo-cultural site for a contemporary discussion on translocal
cinema. The journal aims to elaborate a multifaceted
definition of Italian cinema, transcending geo-ethnic land
and sea borders and moving away from merely celebratory local
cinematic experiences.

The JICMS intends to revive a critical discussion on the
auteurs and celebrate the dynamic role played by new directors,
revisit the historiography of Italian cinema, and devote
attention to Italophone filmmakers and accented cinema.
The journal welcomes contributions which explore the impact of
globalisation on the Italian film industry, the encounters
between cinema and other art forms, the hybridisation of film
and media aesthetics, the relationships of multimodal
communication and inter-medial practices, and the development
of innovative transmedia texts and crossmedia narratives.

The JICMS also invites submissions which examine experimental
cinema, video art, short films, long/short feature and
documentary animation, original and adapted screenplays, film
music (songs and scores), issues of stardom and reception
studies. The professional contributions of screenplay writers,
art directors, cinematographers, film editors, costume
designers and make-up artists are also potential subject
areas for submissions. Authors should avoid to submit abstracts
and essays that deal with only one film or are close readings
of a character's psychological process. JICMS seeks more
comprehensive topics and treatments.

Interested contributors should send: 1)  500 word abstracts
outlining the topic, approach and theoretical bases;
2)  relevant bibliography and filmography; 3) and 200 word
biographical notes (listing academic publications) to the
Editor at the following address: flaviosa a wellesley.edu


Editor: Flavia Laviosa
Department of Italian Studies
Cinema and Media Studies
Wellesley College, USA
Tel.: (+1) 781-283-2618
Fax: (+1) 781-283-2876


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