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* SIMPOSIO "WEB OF DISCOURSE. The Itertextuality of Science Studies"
5-7 Febbraio 1998 - Lubbock, Texas Tech University.
* LISTA di DISCUSSIONE PHIL-LIT: Philosophy and Literature


The Intertextuality of Science Studies

The thirty-first annual Texas Tech University Comparative Literature
Symposium, "Webs of Discourse: The Intertextuality of Science
Studies," will meet on February 5-7, 1998. Plenary speakers are Donna
Haraway, Lynn Randolph, Marcos Novak, and Carl Rubino.

Is a comprehensive synthesis of science studies across the discursive
disciplines possible? What roles will the Web and other interactive
technologies play? We invite discussion of these and related issues
by scholars working in any area of cultural science studies, as well
as by rhetoricians, critical theorists, and literature scholars.

Visit our Web site at http://www.english.ttu.edu/wod/

Send 1-2 pp. abstracts by October 30, 1997, to Bruce Clarke, e-mail:
bruno@ttu.edu, or Department of English, Texas Tech University,
Lubbock, TX 79409-3091.

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Philosophy and Literature, the interdisciplinary journal published by
the Johns Hopkins University Press, sponsors an electronic-mail list
service for philosophers and literary critics, scholars, and

PHIL-LIT offers news, book announcements, calls for papers,
contents of journals, and conference plans. Subscribers post queries,
trade inside information and advice, preview drafts of articles and
reviews, dispute, congratulate, refute, and defend one another.
PHIL-LIT serves as a single source of information and the exchange of
ideas--an electronic newsletter run on democratic principles.

Like the journal it serves, it owes allegiance to no particular
school or style of criticism, and is open to anyone who takes a
serious interest in philosophical interpretations of literature,
literary investigations of classic works of philosophy, philosophy of
language, and literary theory.

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