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- CinemaS Journal of Contemporary Film
Edited by Myrto Konstantarakos, Middlesex University
Call for Papers
- The Quarterly Review Of Film And Video
University of Nebraska - Department of English
Call for Papers


CinemaS Journal of Contemporary Film
Edited by Myrto Konstantarakos, Middlesex University

CinemaS is a new, refereed academic journal devoted to the study
of contemporary film around the world. Recent developments have
brought about a renewal of film industries in the Far and Middle
East, Africa, Europe and America. However, there is a marked
tendency to focus exclusively upon issues of otherness and
marginality, thereby ignoring the specificities of these films.
CinemaS aims to challenge this hegemonic value judgement and to
explore approaches that posit the egalitarian value of cinema.
This journal breaks down barriers and places World cinema on
an equal footing with the `mainstream' by creating a space where
'marginal' voices can find a vehicle for expression.

The journal will be launched with a conference on `Re-Viewing
the Popular' in November 2001. 5,000-5,500 word papers are
invited on this topic or any aspect of contemporary film.
Submissions in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latvian,
Persian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish are welcome but, if
approved, they will be translated by contributors.

Editorial Address
Myrto Konstantarakos, Middlesex University, White Hart Lane,
London N17 8HR
Tel: +44 (20) 8362 5438 Email:

Alberto Mira, Oxford Brookes University
Adam Roberts, Royal Holloway, University of London
Graham Roberts, University of Surrey

Review Editor:
Sabry Hafez, School of Oriental and African Studies

Editorial Board
Alberto Elena, Universidad Autonoma of Madrid
Fidelma Farley, Aberdeen University
Deniz Gokturk, Southampton University, University of
California, Berkeley
Lalitha Gopalan, Georgetown University
Jacqueline Maingard, Bristol University
Mark Nash, East London University
David Oubinya, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Richard Tapper, School of Oriental and African Studies
Jan Udris, Middlesex University
Nejat Ulusay, Ankara University

Subscriptions: Personal: 30.00 / Institutional: 90.00
(plus 8 airmail supplement outside Europe)

For further information on CinemaS please contact:

Intellect, PO Box 862, Bristol BS99 1DE UK
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 117 955 6811 Email:



The Quarterly Review Of Film And Video
University of Nebraska - Department of English

manuscripts in any area of film and/or video production, history,
theory, and reception, covering the widest possible range of
approaches and subjects of interest to potential contributors.
We seek to publish the finest in film criticism, theory and
history in all areas, and encourage Queer, feminist,
technological, national, postmodernist, psychoanalytic and
alternative critical methodologies for the journal. To be
considered for publication, manuscripts should be between
15-25 pages long, in MLA Format (5th Edition), with parenthetical
citations and no footnotes, and a list of works cited at the end
of the essay, and submitted with one hard copy, and a copy on
disc in Microsoft Word (Macintosh) format. All submissions
should be accompanied by a postpaid, self-addressed return
envelope; those manuscripts that do not come with a SASE
cannot be returned or acknowledged.
All manuscripts will be subject to a pre-screening.

Format guidelines follow:

Make sure that the paper is in MLA format, with NO FOOTNOTES,
NO ENDNOTES, parenthetical citations throughout, and a list
of works cited at the end.
All film titles are underlined, with date of production
directly following in parentheses. Use MLA Handbook,
5th Edition, for guidelines.

Please be very careful to include ALL PAGE NUMBERS on works
cited. Articles in journals, or in anthologies, must be listed
with the COMPLETE INCLUSIVE pagination of the article or essay
in the Works Cited section.
Similarly, all quotes within your essay must be followed
immediately by a parenthetical citation from the work in
question, for example: (Heller 35).

Only papers written in the English language will be considered
for publication; we do not publish reprints, or translations
of previously published essays.

USE NO ITALICS AT ANY TIME; book titles and film titles are
underlined, and articles are in quotes. USE NO PAGE BREAKS.

Please send ASAP in hard text, and on disc in Mac format, and
include complete phone, fax, e-mail and full work and home
address, and a brief biographical blurb with departmental
affiliation and rank.
Ideal length: 17 to 40 pages, incl. one page of works cited.
17 page MINIMUM. Any illustrations you have must be submitted
with the manuscript, with full clearances from copyright holders.

Each paper submitted must be accompanied by the Author
Warranty form, which you may download at:


This form must be SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR and sent with the
initial submission for a paper to be considered.

Please send entire manuscript, disc in Mac format, with
hard copy printout to:

Quarterly Review of Film and Video
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
Wheeler Winston Dixon
Department of English
202 Andrews Hall
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68588-0333


The Editors



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